I know she's in there, trust me!

You know that mentality that you experience sometimes where you feel so clear-minded, happy, powerful, and you just know deep down that whatever you put your mind to you can achieve? You feel pure and high on life. Maybe you’ll feel it after a good workout, eating healthy or an awesome meeting. Sometimes you’ll feel it after having accomplished something big or if you suddenly made a lot of money. You’ll often feel it when you meditate. Trust me, I could not believe it at first, but damn babe it works like a charm!


For me, when I’m on a roll of doing a lot of work, eating clean, working out, and generally killing it at life, that’s when I feel my inner badass Superwoman comes to life. She comes out when I’m in my happiest, most motivated state where I feel like my best and most authentic self.

I used to think that I had no control over when this Superwoman side of me would come alive. I used to go with the flow and let my emotions and mindsets come and go as they pleased. I wasn’t in control. And I didn’t even know it.

Then something amazing happened. I was sick and tired of not being passionate about life. So I began writing, just putting everything out in the open, I never even thought of myself as a writer, it just made me feel so happy and motivated with myself that I just could not stop.  I was driven as fuck and started to experience my Superwoman more days than not. I also began to read, a lot. I read books on motivation and success. I started to really, truly want change in my life. Find that thing that makes you feel driven and motivated, trust me you’ll thank me later.

There’s more to this story, but today we’re talking about how to summon your inner badass superwoman right now.

The best way to get into this mindset is simply the realization that you have the power to bring her out. Read that again. The fact that it is in your control to bring out your best, Superwoman self, is all you need.

We let our brains control our lives and embrace all of the emotions it decides for us. In reality, a completely different mentality is simply one decision away. All of this potential of success in your life is simply a few decisions away.

I know that it’s hard, and it takes serious mental strength to just decide what mood you’d like to be in. There are certain things that make your mental strength stronger, and here they are:

-Eat clean and don’t drink. It’s simple. What you put inside of your body becomes you. Personally, my mental strength & clarity comes when I’m eating clean af and not touching any alcohol.When I drink, I even get depressed the day after!

-Move your body. If you want to feel more alive, move more. Get your blood flowing and break a sweat. If you are like me that hate exercising, just go for walk, you don’t need to do an intense HIIT workout. Just MOVE.

-Limit technology. I know at first it was so difficult for me not be scrolling down instagram and refreshing it every 45 seconds… This might be the hardest one. Staring blankly at a screen all day can do some serious damage to your brain. You’ll notice that the less screen-time you have, the happier and more clear-minded you’ll feel, better READ!!!


-Meditate daily. I can’t even start to tell you how important this is for your Superwoman to make an appearance.I like to say that my superwoman comes out when I have intense feelings of love, gratitude, and drive. Treat your body well, act like you are so in love with yourself.


Just a thought, Sweet dreams Under Babes.


Xo Vi.

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