Today most people value morning rituals, But the fact is your morning starts the night before.

Most successful women have a night routine, so what are you waiting to have yours?

Every ritual is different for every women, you just have to find yours.

Steps that we like to go thru before sleeping:

  • A hot water bath, with some Lavender and Eucalyptus scrub.
    Lets take away the stress from the day by taking a nice warm shower, going straight to bed after it will make us sleep like a baby.

  • Prepare some Chamomile tea: So tea has a lot of benefits one of them is to put you in a zen zone, that helps incredibly to keep your body relaxed.

  • Do a step by step face routine: Not only washing your face, really believe in your routine by creating a step by step routine.

  • Set your air-conditioner to be cold: Sleeping in a cold environment with fluffy covers makes you sleep faster.  

  • Get in the mood with some relaxing music: If you need more than a tea relaxing music will definitely put you in a sleepy mood.

  • Spray your room with a relaxing scent: Your room is your sanctuary so lets treat it as one.

  • Get your comfiest Pjs out * We recommend UNDER

Do you have a night ritual? Share it with us in the comments below.

Sweet dreams,


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